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Banking and finance related terms seems to always baffle users. But the problem is every person in one way or other is related to banking. People always have bank accounts and encounter banking terms. Here are banking related short forms and their full forms to let user understand finance terms.
Short Form
Full Form
Capital Outlay
Automated teller machine
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
United Commercial
Indian Rupee
shipping declaration form
Maximum Retail Price
Special Term Deposit Receipt
Rural Self Employment Training Institute
non-operative financial holding company
Schedule Caste
United Stock Exchange
Department of Company Affairs- (Now known as Ministry of Companies Affairs- MCA)
Department of Companies Affairs
Consumer Price Index
Ministry of Company Affairs
Small-Scale Industries
United States
Employees Provident Fund
Revenue Expenditure
Capital Account Deficit
Large-sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
Temporary Change
Commercial Paper
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Interest Payment
Capital Receipts
Indian Financial System Code
Marketing Intelligence System
Primary Agriculture Credit Societies
National Industrial Classification
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Annual General Meeting
Additive Outliers
Export Import Bank of India
Electronic Clearing Service
Non-Governmental Organization
Moving Average
State Industrial Development Corporation
Certificate of Deposit
Mail Transfer
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
Venture Capital
State Financial Corporation
Urban Cooperative Bank
Schedule Tribe
Government of India
Long Term
Insurance Regulatory Developement Authority
Finance Commision
Bank for International Settlements
Regional Rural Bank
Controller and Auditor General of India
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
Capital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
National Statistical Commission
Market Stabilisation Scheme
Bombay Stock Exchange
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Basic Statistical Returns
OnLine Tax Accounting System
Telegraphic Transfer
US Dollars
Regional Office
Financial Institution
System of National Accounts
Cash Credit
Non-Resident Indian
Revenue Receipts
Non-Performing Assets
Automated teller machine Card
unique transaction reference number
Principal Office
Foreign Currency Non-resident (Banks)
Foreign Currency Currency Non-Repatriable(Banks)
Public Debt Office
Head Office
Subsidiary General Ledger
District Central Cooperative Bank
Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
Demand Collection and Balance
State Bank of India
Over Draft
Magnetic ink character recognition
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
DESACS RBI Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
Relational Database Management System
Social Accounting Matrix
oriental bank of commerce
Housing & Urban Development Corporation
Gross Domestic Product
Demand Draft
Demand DraftDDSData Dissemination Standards
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Non-Resident External
Auto-Correlation Function
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Bank Reconstruction and Development
Provident Fund
Revenue Deficit
Khadi & Village Industries Corporation
Public Sector Enterprises
Persons of Indian Origin
United Commercial Bank
India Development Bonds
Non Banking Financial Companies
Paid Up Capital
Statutory Liquidity Ratio
Development Action Plan
Balance of Payments
Small Scale Service & Business Enterprises
Dearly Allowance
Dearness Allowance
State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation
Public Debt Office-cum-Negotiated Dealing System
Rural Electrification Corporation
Locational Banking Statistics
Department of Banking Operations and Development
Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
Cheque monitoring system
National Association of Software and Services Companies
Ministry of Finance
Master Office File
National Stock Exchange
Credit Deposit Ratio
Departmentalized Ministries Account
Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
National Housing Bank
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited
Non-Resident Government
Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
Primary Deficit
Renminbi (Chinese)
Residents Foreign Currency
Rural Planning and Credit Department- RBI
Rural Planning and Credit Department of RBI
Authorized Dealer
Consolidated Banking Statistics
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
Exchange Traded Fund
National Account Statistics
Statistical Analysis System
Auto Regression
Net Fiscal Deficit
Monitoring and Review Mechanism
Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System
International Finance Corporation
Self-Help Groups
International Banking Statistics
India Millennium Deposits
Loan & Advances by States
Delivery versus Payment
Differntial Rate of Interest Scheme
Foreign Portfolio Investment
Level Shift
Permanent Account Number
Real Time Gross Settlement
Department of Currency Management- RBI
Department of Currency Management
Risk Weighted Asset
All India Rural Credit Survey Committee
Company Finance
Official Development Assistance
Credit Monetary Agregate
National Electronic Funds Transfer
Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
Uniform Code Number
Government Securities
Foreign Direct Investment
Initial Public Offer
Gross Primary Deficit
Net Present Value
Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
Data Dissemination Standards
Non-Banking Companies
Farmersí Service Societies
Choice Based Credit System
Industrial Investment Bank of India
Foreign Currency Assets
Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarrojgar Yojana
Global Depository Receipt
National Agricultural Credit (Long Term Operatiion)
Not Elsewhere Classified
Youth Enterprise Scheme Bank
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act- 2003
Mutual Fund
Punjab National bank
Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
Bank of India
Balance of Payments Manual- 5th edition
State Cooperative Bank
Scheduled Commercial Bank
Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
External Commercial Borrowing
Kisan Credit Card
Banking Financial services and Insurance
Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana
Foreign Exchange
Input-Output Transaction Table
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
Annual Financial Statement
Available For Sale
Liquidity Adjustment Facility
Gross Fiscal Deficit
Department of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services- RBI
Department of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services
Reserve Tranche Position
Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average
Second Working Group on Money Supply
Credit Information Bureau India Limited
Special Drawing Right
Flow Of Funds
Exchange Earners Foreign Currency
Resurgent India Bonds
Generalized Least Squares
Telecom Disputes Settlement Appellate Tribunal
International Transaction Reporting System
Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account
Treasury Bills
Department of Banking Supervision- RBI
Registrars of Companies
International Finance Corporation (Washington)
Non Administratively Independent Office
Indian Banking Association
Investment Fluctuation Reserve Account
Investment Fluctuation Reserve
Initially Nifty 50 due to 50 stocks in it and later became known as Nifty
Discharge of Internal Debt
Foreign Institutional Investor
International Swaps and Derivative Association
Land Development Bank
Non-Resident (Non-Repatriable) Rupee Account
Rupee Payment Area
Visa Facilitation Services
Non-Foreign Exchange Assets
Unit Linked Insurance Policy
Standing Monitoring Group
Direct Investment
Annual Contractor Evaluation Report
Net Primary Deficit
Index of Industrial Production
Public Enterprises Survey
Forward Rate Agreement
Industrial Development Department
Long Term Operation
Held For Trading
Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
Exchange Equalization Account
Size Class Strata
Open Market Operations
the exchange of one security for another to change the maturity
Department of Government and Bank Accounts- RBI
Department of Government and Bank Accounts
International Standard Industrial Classification
Aryavart Kshetriya Gramin Bank
Broad Money
Zonal Office
Weekly Statistical Supplement
Exchange Fluctuation Reserve
Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
Note Issuance Facility
Residuary Non-Banking Companies
Other Financial Institutions
Access and Exchange Information System
hongkong and shanghai banking corporation
Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
International Financial Statistics
Real Effective Exchange Rate
Government Finance Statistics
Repayment of Loans to Centre
Yield to Maturity
International Fund for Agricultural Development
National Small Savings Fund
Partial Auto-Correlation Function
Quick Review Report
Primary Revenue Balance
Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
Recoveries of Loans & Advances
Balance of Payments Division- DESACS- RBI
Primary Dealers Association of India
United Bank Of India
Union Bank Of India
State Electricity Boards
Uniform Balance Book
Debt Recovery Tribunal
Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable Deposit
Net Primary Revenue Balance
Repurchase Agreement Rate
General Anti Avoidance Rule
Foreign Currency Non-resident Account
Minimum Mean Squared Errors
Other Indian Scheduled Commercial Bank
Foreign Currency Currency Non-Repatriable Account
Narrow Money
Small road & Water Transport Operators
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act
First Working Group on Money supply
First Working Group on Money
Written down Value
Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
Revolving Underwriting Facility
Special Data Dissemination Standards
Systems Improvement Scheme under Special Project Agriculture
External Debt Management Unit
Urban Banks Department
Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Centre
International Investment Position
Net Non-Monetary Liabilities
Organisaton for Economic Co-operation
Foreign Liabilities and Assets Survey
Floating Rate Note
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget
Government Not Included Elsewhere
International Working Group on External Debt Statistics
Scheme for Liberation & Rehabilitation of Scavangers
Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
Working Group on Money Supply: Analytics and Methodology of Compilation
Iterative Generalized Least Squares
Directorate General of Commercial ntelligence and Statistics
Department of External Investments and Operations

Banking and Finance full forms