full forms starting with letter J

Short Form
Full Form
Junior Engineer
Java Access To Generic Underlying Architectural Resources
Did you eat?
Java Script 
Jump if Carry set
Jobs For Kentucky's Graduates
Judicial Magistrate First Class
A general purpose high-level object-oriented cross-platform programming language developed by Sun Microsystems
Joint Photographic Experts Group (file extension JPG)
Just In Time (compiler / translator that only runs code when needed)
Java API for RESTful Web Services
Joint Systems Test
Junior Basic Training
Jindal Iron And Steel Company Limited
Java Server Page
Jan Shikshan Sansthan
Justice of the Peace
Jyotirmoy School of Business
Jims Relational Database
Java Archive files- used to save web page download time
Josephy Cyril Bamford Excavators
General Purpose vehicle (Hint: Comes from GP)
Java Database Connectivity
Junior Chamber of Commerce
Janta Dal
Jump if Less
Jump And Move
Juvenile Myositis
Just Always Pray At Night
Job Seekers Allowance
Jawaharlal Nehru stadium
Jaw jerk
Joint Entrance Examination - Main
Janani Suraksha Yojana
Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
Job Control Language (mainframe programming language)
Japan Digital Cellular
Joint Planning Guidance
Jackson Arthritis Center
Junior Red Cross
Jaguar Diagnostic System
Janta Dal United
Jam Card Reader
Just A Second
just talking
Junior Commissioned Officer
Job Entry System
The product name, JIRA, is not an acronym but rather a truncation of Gojira
Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research
Janata Dal (United)
Joint Program Plan
Joint Entrance Test
Just Kidding
Jump and Blow Stack
Jump if No Parity
Jettison Booster Package
Judges Award Of Merit
Just hanging
Java Virtual Machine
Java Runtime Environment
Jump if Below
Joints In Motion
Jump Address Jump if Above
Joint Powers Agency
Juvenile Stress Myopia
Joint Director General
Junior Research Fellowship
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
just like that
Jugular vein
Judge Adjutant General
Java Naming and Directory Interface
JSP (Java Server Page) Standard Template Library
Abbreviation for:
Joint Clinical Advisory Board
Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
Datafile (SigmaScan)
Joint entrance examination
Just A Friend
just kidding loser
Journalism Mass Communication
JavaScript Object Notation
Java Development Kit
John Pierpont Morgan
Job Training Office
just making sure
JPEG File Interchange Format
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Joint Parliamentary Committee
Joint Review and Learning Missions
Just In Case
Join the club
Java Server Faces
JavaScript Encoding
Jovian Planet Finder
Junction Isolation (electronics)
Japan International Cooperation Agency
Java 2 Platform Standard Edition
Job Content Questionnaire
Jump if Greater
Junk (file name extension)
Just Wondering
Junior Fire Marshal
Java Measurement Calculus Interface
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Joint Libraries Committee
Jump if Parity Odd
Journalism English And Modern
Job Location Development
Joint Entrance Examination - Advanced
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha
Java 2 Micro Edition
Java 2 Enterprise Edition
Joint Academic Network
Janata Dal (Secular)
Joint Operations Center
Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition
Jackson Academy of Applied Technology
Jerusalem Conference on Information Technology
Janata Dal (Socialist)
Job Task Analysis
Jump if Not Below
just for fun
Java Development Tools
Joint Elected Official
Job Access Management System
JavaScript Object Notation
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Journal of International Environmental Application and Science
Jamestown Business College
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Job Well Done
Jump if No Sign
Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
just fooling
Joint Planning Advisory Committee (SWAG)
just my luck
Jump if Parity Even
Job Information Questionnaire
Joint Consultative Machinery
Jewish Environmental Initiative
Jagat Institute of Management Study
Jump If No Carry
Java Architecture For Xml Binding
Jejunogastric Intussusception
Job Information Form
Java Programming Language
Java Management Extensions
Juvenile Chronic Arthritis
Just Being Honest
Job Index Survey
Doctor of Laws
Java Media Framework
Java Objects Everywhere
Joint Negotiating Committee (on Juniors)
Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
Juvenile Discogenic Disease
Java Directory Access Protocol
Java Open Language Toolkit (project)
Juvenile Polymyositis
Java Native Interface
Java Performance Tuning
Jupiter Orbit Insertion
Jumpstart Architecture And Security Scripts
Just File Transfer
Job Definition Format
Jhajjar Thermal Power Project
Java Apple Computer Emulator
Janata (Independent)
Java Numerical Toolkit
Joint Video Team
Just google it you noob
Japan Airlines
Jonzy s Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display [Internet]
Jalila Road
Java Api For Xml Parsing
Magic luck
Job Analysis Questionnaire
Jump if No Overflow
Just Be Yourself
Johnson Space Center
Jasc Browser File
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
just joking around
Joint Application Design
Doctor of Laws [Lat.]
Joint Endeavor Agreement
Jorawarnagar Jn.
Java Business Integration
job-control shell
Jaw Osteosarcoma
just for you
God Jehovah
Junction Field Effect Transistor
Jump if Less than or Equal to
Jump If Not Equal
Jankampet Jn.
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Jewish Vocational Service
Just To Be Sure
Joint Commission on Korea
Joint Seminars in Neuroscience
Jump if Not Greater
JSON with padding
Just Another Working Stiff
Jump if Above or Equal
Jesuit University Students Together In Concerned Empowerment
Journal of General Physiology
Jet Propulsion Unit
Java (Math) Expression Parser
Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology
Jerusalem Water Undertaking
Jump on Virtual memory page fault
Jump if Not Less or Equal
Junior Time Scale
Junior Master Gardener
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Java Intelligent Network Infrastructure
Australian radio station
Joint Entrance Screening Test
(G) Janata Party (Gopalan)
Journal of Medical Ethics
Jump if Below or Equal
Jackson State Community College
Jade Allows Data Exchange
Joint Commission International Accreditation
Jen's File Editor
Johnniac Open Shop System (programming language)
Justice In Pay
Job Fair Recruit
Hello (Swahili)
Joint Branch Board
Julian Ephemeris Data
JSC Payload Operations Center
Jacketed Hollow Point (bullet)
Job Connection Services
just for giggles
Joint Economic Group
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Jump Almost Always
Job Accommodation Network
Jammu Kashmir National Panthers Party
Jaw Joint Protector
Jeet Kune Do (Martial Art)
Juniper Networks Operating System
Jackson General Hospital
Just a Bunch Of Disks (storage technology)
Job Transfer and Manipulation (file transfer)
Java Tool Kit
Jordan University Of Science And Technology
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
just forget it
Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
Japan Student Services Organization
just for laughs
Short period of time
Jump if Not Below or Equal
Japan Oceanographic Data Center
Path overhead byte (MUX)
Joint Users Group (group of dedicated- perhaps proprietary computers)
Journaled File System [IBM]
Janus Activated Kinase
Joint Operating Procedure
Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope
Just My Opinion
just too cute
Jump if Not Zero
Join Drive to subdirectory of another Drive
Jaros Information Directory Services
just between us
Juvenile Detention HallJuvenile Justice Complex
Jump if Greater or Equal
just out of curiosity
Jump if No Flag
Jobs for DElaware Graduates
Journal Of Abnormal And Social Psychology
Job Hunting Handbook
Jennifer Lopez
Joining Across Miles Environmental Systems
JODC On-line Information and Data Exchange Service
Java Annotation Patterns Engine
Jalesar Road
Joint Environmental Data Analysis
just felt like typing something
Jet Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals
Janakpur Road
JANET Internet Protocol Service
Jahan Electronic Company (Iran)
Japanese Encephalitis Virus
Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
Jump if Not Above
Just Perceptible Color Difference
Java Remote Method Protocol
Joint Business Councils
Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission
just for now
Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association
Japan-Republic of Korea Joint Fisheries Commission
just chilling
Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council
Journal of Parliamentary Information
Jacobson Organ
Respect power
Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research
Just Noticeable Difference
Just For Your Information
JuxtaGlomerular Apparatus
just go to hell
Jamaica Constabulary Force
Jump If Not Less
Joint Agricultural Navigation Using Satellites
Jump if Not Greater or Equal
Joint Admission Medical Program
Joint Occupancy Data
Java Applets for Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Journal of Infectious Diseases
Journal of General Virology
Joshi's External Stabilization System
Joint Working Group
JBoss Certified Application Administrator
IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Award
Japanese Pacific Climate Study
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
Japanese Voltage Reducer
Joint Key Management System
just to let you know
Joint Committee for Postgraduate Training for General Practice
Joint Program Integration Committee
Junior Forest Warden
Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering & Technology
JugularVenous Distension
Junior Warrant Officer
Just Got Back
Java Network Launching Protocol
J# Browser Control Utility
Jordan International Police Training Center
Japanese English Dictionary Interface
just kidding around
Journal of Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation
J Executable File Format
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Joint Task Force
Java User Migration Path
Just Within Reach
Jump on Overflow
General term for a man
Joint Damping Experiment
Yes affirmative
Janata Vimukthi Peramuna
Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine
jump for joy
Java API for XML Registries
Jerky Head Movement
Spanish laugh
just joking
Journal of the Chemical Society - Chemical Communications
Java HDF Viewer
just for the record
Journal of Applied Technology in Environmental Sanitation
Judicial Hearing Officer
Job Vacancy Announcement
Job Improvement Request
Jagathguru Jayadava Murugurajendra
Just Java Design
Junior Certificate Course in Statistics
Joint Service Pollution Prevention
Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle Game data
Joint Architectural Control Document
Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Just Answer The Question
Java Metadata Interface
Journal of Virology
Jump if Not Above or Equal
Jump of the software is a piece of Crap
Jewish Geriatric Services
Juvenile Automated Substance Abuse Evaluation
Japan Information Access Project
Expression of annoyance
just leave me alone
Junior Time Scale (Adnoc)
Crack an iPhone
Joint Committee on Offices of Profit
Joint Archive for Sea Level
Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music
just to let you know
JavaScript Native Interface
Java Short Messages Sender
Jorhat Town
Janathipathiya Samrakshana Samithy
Japan Maritime Research Institute
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Juan de Fuca Ridge
Johns Hopkins University
Jewish Institute For National Security Affairs
Stupid person idiot
just saying
just thought of it
Journalism and Creative Writing
Worthless useless
Johnson Space Flight Center
Joint Program Definition and Requirements Document
Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean
JCV/SV40 hybrid Virus
Journal And Information Databases
just too funny
Joint Key Management Infrastructure
Jam Bit 7
Joint GP IT Committee
just thought you'd like to know
Joint Mental Health Advisory Team
Jammu Kashmir National Conference
Joint Committee of the States to Study Alcohol Beverage laws
Joint Base Operations and Support Contract
Jump Immediate
just so you know
just checking away message
Just wanted to let you know
Job Description Questionnaire
Joint Training Group
Java Authentication and Authorization Service
just to let you know
Java Virtual Memory Unit
JIRA Query Language
Java Beans Component Library
Just Let Me Know
Journal Of Comparative And Physiological Psychology
James Madison Graduate Fellowship
Joint Review Board
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor
Just Doesn't Look Right
Just Was Wondering
Java Web Component
Jesus H Christ
Journal Of Bone And Joint Surgery
just to be sure
just the way it was
Jangipur Road
just messing around
Journal Article Tag Suite
Just Letting You Know
Joint Air- Sea Interaction Program
Joint Institute For Laboratory Astrophysics
Password Over-ride JuMPer number one
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
just wait a second
John von Neumann Center Network
Japan Pet Food Industry Association
Joint Employment Transition Services
Joint Information System Committee
Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter
ournal of the Chemical Society - Faraday Transactions II: Chemical Physics
Jawaharalal Nehru National College of Engineering
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Java Frame
Java Developer's Resource Kit
Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Junior Under Barstaff
Japan Society of New Metals
Jampro Medium Power type C antenna - High Definition
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
Just Shoot Me Now
just thinking out loud
just so you know
Japanese Society of Veterinary Science
Jacob Sears Memorial Library
Joint Group on Pollution Prevention
Joint Center for Research in the Management of Ocean Data
Job-by-Email Control System
Journal of the Chemical Society - Faraday Transactions I: Physical Chemistry
Jump to Random Subroutine
Junior Administrative Grade (Adhoc)
Jordanian Mobile Telephone System
James Webb Space Telescope
Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Joint Asian Crime Group
Jackson County Memorial Hospital
Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquaria
Joint British Societies Risk Prediction Chart
J-Leaded Chip Carrier
just as long as you don't leave me
Joint Strategic Needs AssessmentBritish
Jonathan's Own Version Of Emacs
Just Get Lost
Just so you know
Juvenile Dermatomyositis
Junior Grand Warden
Microsoft's version of JAVAScript
Jobs For Youth
Joint Commissioning Group for Mental Health
Joint Paper Award
Japan Earth Resources Satellite
just thought you might like to know
Journal of the Chemical Society Perkin Transactions I: Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry
just to let you know
Joint Committee of PCTs
Joint Key Management Infrastructure Working Group
Java Run Time System
Journal of Family Practice
Just For Fun
Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board
Junction MOS (semiconductors)
Joining Organizations in Tackling SSIs
Junior Laboratory Assistant
Jump if Positive
Jump on Power Loss
Curly Jewish hair style
Journal of the Chemical Society - Chemical Communications
Joint Users Requirements Group
Java Virtual Parallel Machine
Jump if Zero
Joint Controlled Joints
Craving wanting really badly
Journal of Marine Science and Technology
Jump if ECX Register Zero
Joint Services Environmental Management Conference
Jackson State University
IEEE/RSE Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award
Just so you know
Joules Own Version International Algebraic Language
Jump Absolute
JJIS District Area Contact
Jump off the Roof
Jamboree Of The Air
Craving desire
Jump if Negative
just for grins
Just My Honest Opinion
Jump if Programmer is a Jerk
Japanese Virtual Observatory
Japan Color Research Institute
Java Development Environment for EMACS
Job Fair Recruit Package
Jean shorts
Japan and East China Seas Study
Japan Center for Michigan Universities
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Java Web Application Generator
Joint Panel on Oceanographic Tables and Standards
Java Web Service Developer
Spreadsheet (Jazz)
Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center
Java Electronic Commerce Framework
Job Entry Control Language
Joint Committee on Seismic Safety Records
Just Thinking Of You
Japan-India Policy Dialogue
People who type stupidly
Maintenance Action Request
Jena University Laboratory of Ion Acceleration
Just Letting You Know
Joint University Programmes Admissions System
Java Data Structures Library
Japanese Veterinary Pharmaceutical Association
Japan Society of Plant Taxonomists
Putting someone down making fun of
Java XML Unit
Jack J Rehmann Community Leadership Award
Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training. see there
Journal of the Chemical Society - Dalton Transactions in Inorganic Chemistry
Joint Accreditation Committee of the ISCT and the EBMT
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
Journal file (VAX Edt editor)
Regeneration section trace byte (MUX)
Someone who copies another's style
Joint North Sea Wave Atmosphere Program
Jhalawar Road
Jobs & Career Training College
Japan-China Joint Fisheries Commission
Java Distributed Event eXecution
James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
Joint Committee on Pathology Training
IEEE Journal on Robotics and Automation
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
Jefferson College of Graduate Studies
Journal of the National Science Foundation
John von Neumann Numerical Integrator and Automatic Computer
Journal of Geophysical Research
Japanese Experiment Logistics Module
just for you
IEEE John Von Neumann Medal
Jump Extended
Happy excited
Japanese Earth Resources Satellite
Johnston County Sheriff Office
Joint Food Safety and Standards Group
Job Cut Survival Kit
Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
Java Exchange Bridge
J&K National Conference
Java Web Service Developer Kit
Junior Award For Initiative And Leadership
Jump if you see a Spider
Jump if Zero
just the way it is
Jinti Road
Joint METOC Forecast Unit
Juvenile Osteochrondritis Dissecans
Just Thought You Should Know
Joint Committee for Specialist Training in Dentistry
Java Universal Network Graph
Java Enabled Single System Image Computing Architecture
Japanese Society for Laboratory Animal and Environment
Joint Counts for SWelling
just wanted to know
Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association
Attraction between people of different race
Joint Operations Interface Procedure
J. Craig Venter Institute
Jump if CX Register Zero
Doctor of Laws
just thought you should know
just to tell you
Java Open Trading Protocol
Joint Center for Structural Genomics
Joint United Nations Information Committee
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology
Johns Hopkins Medical Center
Japan Weather Exchange
Just Wanted To Know
Java Virtual Machine Language
IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering
Journals of Education library and Information Science
Joint Commission on Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection
Joint North Sea Information System
Joint Spacelab Working Group
Journal of the Chemical Society - Dalton Transactions in Inorganic Chemistry
Joint Automated Weather Observation Program
Jump if a big Mess
Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
Joint Utilization of Laser Integrated Experiments
Jewish Hospital- Rothschild Medical Library
Johns Hopkins Sibling Study
Java Telephony API
JIMAR Tsunami Research Effort
IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
Journal And Information Databases - Working Group
JSC Avionics Engineering Laboratory
Joiner History Room
Jawlmukhi Road
Japan Computer Security Research
Japan Marine Safety Agency
Java Open Financial Exchange
Java Message Passing Framework
just thinking about you
Category J - mentally unstable person
IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
Just chilling at the house
Junior Faculty Research Award Competition
Joint Committee on Medical Genetics
Journal of Applied Phytotechnology in Environmental Sanitation
J. C. Baulston Arboretum
Java Compiler Compiler
Joint Forecast System Project
Journal of the Chemical Society Perkin Transactions II: Physical Organic Chemistry
Johnson C. Smith University
Journal of International Environmental Application and Science
Java Management Application Programming Interface
Japan Electronics And Information Technology Industries Association
Jumping Up And Down
Path trace byte (MUX)
Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation
Junction Box
J-shaped hook connector
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Joint Agriculture-Weather Facility
Cool version of Yeah
just for laughs
Java Object Oriented Design and Analysis
Journal of Experimental Medicine
Joint North Sea Data Acquisition Project
Jehovah's Witness
Jaisamand Road
Java and HTML (programming)
Java XML (programming language)
Jammu & Kashmir
Josephson Quasi Particle
J-sharp a programming language like JAVA
Microsofts Java programming language