full forms starting with letter Y

Short Form
Full Form
Young Men’s Christians Association
Year To Date
Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle
you only live once
Its does not have any full form
Young Women’s Christians Association
Youth Affairs and Sports
Youre Welcome
Years Old
You there?
Yamaha Education Suite
you scare me
YAML Ain't Markup Language
you stupid shit
Yield to Maturity
yahoo answers
Young Man
Youth Exchange Programme
Year Of Birth
Your Most Favorite Person
Yet Another Modem [Omen Technology]
Abekas YUV file Bitmap graphics
Yet Another Acronym
You think I'm special?
your mom goes to college
why sleep when not tired?
Year 2000
Your Mileage May Vary
You Stinker
YAC Compressed file archive
You Made My Day
you make it sound like i did it
You Are Such A Fool
Yeast Resource Center
you kidding
You're the man now
Yellow Stem Borer
you are welcome
your shirt is too small
Why the hell would you do that
Young Schema Questionnaire
why you say that
why are you?
You Rock My Socks
why are you bugging me?
yes or no
Years Of Life
Yano- Koonin- Podgoretskii
why should I care
Why are you so mean
Youre Very Welcome
you are the best
Yeast Infection
you are so weird
why oh why
Your Mom Goes To college
why thank you
You Know What
you are the weakest link
why would i care
you're welcome very much
yo whats up dude
you are so funny
You're welcome in advance
YOZO Office
Young Lady
you go girl
You are such a nerd
You're On Your Own
Years Before Present
You know it
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia
Year and Day of Year [followed by a 5 or 7-digit number; e.g. 1st Jan 2013 = YADOY (20)13001; or 31st Dec 2013 = YADOY (20)13365.]
Yolk sac tumour
Yacaaba Virus
Yeast Infection Pill
Yellow Jacket
York Technical Institute
Young Women's Initiative
your mother
you want a piece of me?
Yet Another Pager Software
Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
Young Men's Indian Association
Young Javabird
young person
You are an idiot
Yet Another Rescue Disc
Yet Another Fractal Explorer
yahoo instant messenger
Seqmax Seqprest Compressed Audio File
you are a good friend
you really scare me
you got punked!
Young Mania Rating Scale
Yale Microarray Database
you win some you lose some
Yeastderived Hepatitis B Vaccine
yet another pointless acronym
you know what I mean
Paradox Secondary index
you got rick rolled
Yale Mobile Media Mix
you only live twice
you wish you were me
You're killing me
You Got Mail
Yemen Family Health Survey
Yeah, Yeah, Sure, Whatever
Yellow Fever Virus Vaccine
Yet Another Setup Tool
Yosemite West Overlay Zone
Youll Be Sorry
You've got to be shitting me
You have mail
Yellow Fever Vaccine
Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory
you got to be kidding me
Yet Another GNUs Not IRIX
Yet Another Address Book
MicroSim PCBoard Mapping File
you never know
Yeshiva University Professionals Network
Yahoo User Interface
Yellow Fever Virus
you owe me a new keyboard
you know what
your place or mine
You Don't Love Me
you know nothing
you have a private messge
yeah really
Your knight in shining armor
Young Stars Radio Club
You Make Me Feel ....
You're dead to me
You are quite welcome
Yugoslav Association of Small Animal Practitioners
Yale College Mock Trial Association
you got that shit right
you have failed
why do you want to know
Yosemite West Overlay zone
Young Black Farmers
Yaba College of Technology
Yet Another Windows Netstat
you're quite welcome
You Are My Child Acknowledged
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Yet Another Calculus Text
you dumb piece of shit
Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
You Can't Make This Shit Up
you've got a private message
you have lost
You Have Got To Be Shitting Me
Yttrium Fluoride
you can think what you want
Young Neurosurgeons Forum
Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center ( Emory University)
You Had To Be There
Young Black Farmers Association
you've got to be kidding
Your Brother By Grace
Yttrium Vanadate
Why Cant You?
you've been trolled
Yagyavalkya Institute of Technology
Yeovil District Hospital
Yokohama International School
Yeast Protein Localization database
Yttrium Iron Garnet
You could look it up
You'll Never Need It
Young Professionals Coordination Team
Yes-or- No Question
Yahoo Yellow Pages
Yokohama International School Alumni
you know who you are
Yale Political Union
DeepFreezer Compressed Archive file
you know you wish you were me
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
Yu Da College of Business
Yellow- Head Virus
Yale Precision Marching Band
Yellow Zinc Dichromate
Y box- Binding protein-1
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
Yamaha XG SoftSynthesizer
Young Jack Pine
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
Yes or No
Years of age
Out-of-plane Velocity - vertical